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Enjoy More Summer Breezes With Window Screen Repair

Screen Repair Wenatchee WA

In many respects, window screens are one of the unsung heroes of your home. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery here in Wenatchee, WA your window screen serves a very important purpose – keep everything from the outside, well, outside allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and warm summer breezes that we love so much this time of year. However, we are surrounded by dense forest, so few places have as many potential pests, and debris, as we do. You may not think much about it until your screens have succumbed to these elements. Allowing mosquitos and other unwanted houseguests entry into your home. Old, ripped window screen also create an eyesore, detracting from the overall curb appeal of your home. When that happens it’s time to call the professional screen repair team at Alpine High Window Cleaning.

Your Window Screens Explained

It’s important to understand the major parts of your screen. Modern window screens are made up of three components. The wire-like screen mesh, which is typically made from fiberglass. This is surrounded by an aluminum frame, which holds your screen to the wall. The screen mesh is held onto the aluminum frame by a rubber spline. When thunderstorms come to our area they assault your window screens with high winds and debris. Over time your screens will start to look worn out, becoming loose and sagging in the middle due to the extreme pounding it has been taking over the years. Much like a fishing net, over time your window screens can develop small holes, which are always discovered by small animals and insects as they look for a safe place to call home. Once these critters take up residence in the space between your window and window screen you lose the ability to open your window and enjoy the fresh mountain air!

Window Screens Your Families First Line Of Defense

When you window screens develop tears or holes in them can no longer protect you and your family from that most infamous of summertime visitors…mosquitos. If you have ever left a window open that has a hole in the screen then you know that it is like ringing the dinner bell, somehow mosquitos always know and find their way in. By letting Alpine High Window Cleaning repair your screens you’ll fully benefit from the protection that window screens provide as our expert team restores your screens to a like new condition.

Screen Repair Done Right

Since 2001, Alpine High Window Cleaning has been repairing window screens all over Wenatchee, WA. Our courteous and professional screen repair technicians are experienced and ready to handle any type of screen repair you can throw at them. From broken frames to just re-screening your existing screens we can do it all! With Alpine High Window Cleaning your satisfaction is always guaranteed! This summer, enjoy more warm summer breezes knowing your window screens are doing their job!

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