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Pre-Employment Agreement

Pre-Employment Agreement with Alpine High Window Cleaning

We try very hard to discuss the different aspects and requirements of this position as they apply to working with Alpine High Window Cleaning. We endeavor to create a very positive image within the community. In addition, we try very hard to not create any surprises for employees, so we have assembled this pre-employment sheet. If you feel the following terms are acceptable and agreeable to you, and this sounds like this would be the kind of place you would be proud to be part of, we invite you to continue in the application process.


1. Grooming is very important for the first impression of a client. Clients need to feel very comfortable having us come into their home. Our general guidelines for hair are clean cut looking. Facial hair should be trimmed and well kept.

2. Pierced body parts, tongue, face, etc. are not allowed.

3. Visible tattoos and similar body art must be covered during business hours.

4. Clean. We work a physical job. Shower every day. Clean hair. Deodorant. A fresh washed shirt (carry an extra shirt in hot weather) are all absolutely necessary to be accepted in someone’s home.

I agree to follow the above grooming guidelines


Smoking is not allowed on the job

I agree not to smoke while working


I do not use illegal drugs, and understand I may be asked to take a drug test at any time during my employment if I am hired. I agree to follow and abide by the stated Drug Policy Guidelines.

Electronically Sign This Section By Typing Your Name Below:
I have read and agree to the above agreement if hired by Alpine High Window Cleaning *

Alpine High Window Cleaning, Inc
Is An Equal Opportunity Employer