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Alpine High Window Cleaning goes on vacation!

2019 was was an eventful year for Alpine High Window Cleaning – Two team members were invited to an international cultural and educational exchange in Warsaw Poland.  Where is Poland and why go there?

Poland is a beautiful country located in the heart of Europe. It has a rich history  lovely people.  The terrain is decorated by magnificent lakes, beautiful winding rivers, and colorful farmlands, as well as fruit orchards (even apples) – yummy!

For years Adrian and Zoila had been planning a trip to Europe for when their daughter graduated. Well that day finally arrived and the opportunity presented itself. Having applied for and been approved for a trip to Poland they packed their bags! After the family got to experience Poland they spent some time in Italy, their daughters…graduation present. Adrian says “getting close to the locals, their culture, way of life and try the cuisine were great experiences!”

We  hope your well this winter and just wanted to send along greetings and share a little video and a few pictures.


(ON TO ITALY) … “Andiamo”

While Italy the family visited the northern city of Verona which has been described as a “mini-Rome” complete with a river flowing through the city, old coliseum and the rich history dating back to the Etruscans, before Roman times!

Verona Italy

Being in the north, Venice was a “must see” stop on the list. Here is Rialto bridge, the oldest bridge designed by the Swiss engineer Antonio da Ponte who built the bridge…. in marble!

Rialto Bridge Venice Italy | Alpine High Window Cleaning

On top of Rialto bridge overlooking the Grand Canal. Venice has hundreds of Canals and islands; however, the Grand Canal is the largest and most visible on the international front. 

Beautiful Venice Canals Italy | Alpine High Window Cleaning


Venice canals, Did you know?  The Canals of Venice have a whopping 400 bridges which connects 118 Islands.

Venice Canals Italy | Alpine High Window Cleaning

Time was made to visit the Tuscan mountain towns of Volterra and Sienna checking out some the local wine and wonderful Italian food! Below is one of the beautiful wineries they toured. Interestingly, Italy is the country that produces the most wine in the world. France is second and Spain third. 


Visiting wineries near Volterra Tuscany | Alpine High Window Cleaning

Enjoying the local cuisine…Pizza!  In 2012, a group of chefs from Italy made a pizza with 13,580.28 square feet. Almost 20,000 pounds of flour and 10,000 pounds of mozzarella cheese went into it’s production.

Wonderful Italian Food

Adrian and Zoila in hill-top town Volterra

Visiting Volterra for lunch

Atop Volterra, one of the hill-top towns. On a sunny day you can see the sea! If you’ve never been Italy is definitely worth the effort! 

“Arrivederci” – (Until later)

Tuscany | Alpine High Window Cleaning